Woodland Walk of the Week: Sale Water Park

Cow Lane, Sale Water Park
23 May 2016

Our second woodland walk of the week is Sale Water Park, the lake of which occupies the site of a former gravel pit excavated during the 1970s to create an embankment for the M60 motorway. During the summer, the lake is a hub of activity with activities such as sail boating and jet skiing. They share the water with a pair of resident mute swans who have bred successfully here since 2002. 

An excellent stroll to take is the 3 mile linear route from Longford Park to Sale Water Park. This takes in a rich variety of landscapes from historic hedgerows, to the River Mersey and flood meadows of Sale Ees. Enjoy the heritage trees of Longford Park and stroll through Turn Moss Playing Fields to join the Trans Pennine Trail. The route passes Stretford Ees and follows the River Mersey, before turning through Barrow Brook towards the Volunteer Centre at Sale Water Park. Walkers can return via the Metrolink to Stretford, or retrace their steps and take a short cut along Cow Lane, past the lake and Broad Ees Dole Nature Reserve. 

The walk is best accessed from Longford Park (M32 8DA) which is close to the Stretford and Sale Water Park Metrolink stations.